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The Story I tell myself

You know who you are, right? Of course you do, you’re you! But what if who you think you are is actually holding you back, closing off exciting opportunities that are right in front of you, and preventing you from achieving your best potential?  This book explores the concept of self-narrative, or the stories that we tell ourselves about who we are and our place in the world.

In this book, I explore how understanding our own self-narratives and challenging them can enable you to change how you think about yourself and open up those opportunities that you could be missing. Using examples from my own journey, I provide a process that you can follow to increase your own self-awareness, understand what your self-narrative says and how it impacts your daily life,  and gives a template on how to make changes to your narrative.

We are powerful storytellers, telling ourselves our most impactful story of all. By understanding and changing your story you can make real positive change in your life. Use your own story to learn, grow and achieve what you want.